Our Little Secret | Book Review

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Author: Roz Nay

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Publication Date: June 6, 2017

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


For fans of In a Dark, Dark Wood and All the Missing Girls comes Our Little Secret, a compulsive and thrilling debut about a missing woman, a tangled love triangle, the secrets we keep and the secrets we share.

The detective wants to know what happened to Saskia, as if I could just skip to the ending and all would be well. But stories begin at the beginning and some secrets have to be earned.

Angela is being held in a police interrogation room. Her ex’s wife has gone missing and Detective Novak is sure Angela knows something, despite her claim that she’s not involved.

At Novak’s prodding, Angela tells a story going back ten years, explaining how she met and fell in love with her high school friend HP. But as her past unfolds, she reveals a disconcerting love triangle and a dark, tangled web of betrayals. Is Angela a scorned ex-lover with criminal intent? Or a pawn in someone else’s revenge scheme? Who is she protecting? And why?

Twisty and suspenseful, Our Little Secret is an intense cat-and-mouse game and a riveting thriller about the lies we tell others—and ourselves.


Thank you so much to Simon & Schuster for sending an ARC copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

First off, with this book being compared to Ruth Ware’s novels, I knew I just had to read it since she is one of my favourite psychological thriller authors, and I was not disappointed.

Right off the bat, the plot sounded intriguing. It starts off right away with Angela, the main character, sitting in the interrogating room being questioned by the police. This is the perfect way to start any thriller, with the accident already happening in the past.

Throughout the story, readers are brought back and forth between the times that led up to the accident and the time that happened after. At the beginning, before the accident, Angela was smart and successful, she knew what she was going to do. As the story progressed, I could see that Angela was becoming less of herself, through both her actions and what she was remembering the past.

One person’s mistakes in the past can lead to a world of hurt in the future. Although love with someone may seem like it will last forever, it does not always become that. Jealousy is the worst kind of emotion a girl can have towards one another, but some know how to handle it and other take it way out of control.

This is definitely a page-turner that will have readers on the edge of their seats wanting more. Being a fan of psychological thrillers, this book is perfect in every way!



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