I Believe In A Thing Called Love |Book Review

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Author: Maurene Goo

Rating: 5+/5 Stars

Publication Date: May 30th 2017

Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux



What happens what senior student Desi Lee, a Korean American, starts to fall for the new “bad boy”? E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Right from the beginning, I started getting KDrama feels, from the seaweed soup to the way that Desi acts, all is perfectly incorporated into the tale. Being a HUGE fan of KDramas (for about 3 years now), this book was just screaming for me to read it. Even for those who don’t know much about Korean culture or their dramas, Maurene Goo has a way of explaining everything perfectly so that all types of readers are able to understand what it all means.

Between Desi’s poor Korean, and her father’s poor English, they are one unstoppable comedic duo. Everything in Desi’s life has been perfect. From getting first in all the science fairs to planning out her future education and career path, this girl knows what she wants and is determined to achieve it. That is, until Luca, the new mysterious “bad boy” enters during the final year of school. Determined to end up with him, Desi is armed with steps learned from her father’s KDramas in order to accomplish her goal.

As I have been told by many people before, Kdramas and American dramas ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Desi’s father explains this perfectly, which proves how much I love this book even more.

“[Kdramas] were in miniseries format, so they had predetermined number of episodes rather than endless decades of the same couple dealing with evil twins and such. Also, unlike soaps, they were wildly varied in genre, like movies – romantic comedy, fantasy, suspense, or your classic romantic melodrama.”

After Desi comes to face that she does enjoy Kdramas, she finishes 3 (or more) series in the span of the weekend. Boy, have I done that before! Sure each episode is roughly an hour in length, but once you start, there is no way you can stop watching them!

This story is the cutest romance-contemporary type novel that I have read and at some points, I felt like I was reading a KDrama. If that doesn’t prove how amazing Maurene Goo’s writing is, I don’t know what will. But just because the story revolves around steps learned from these dramas, that does not mean you have to have watched or even heard about them before. Many of the steps can be seen in a variety of American dramas, it just depends on what you watch on TV.

Not only are the details accurate, but the characters are just too cute not to love. The precedes and relationships that these people have with their friends are adorable. I felt like I could see my own friends reflected in their characters, which just made the book 100x better.

If the story isn’t enough for you to give a shot at KDramas, Maurene Goo has gone out of her way to include a KDrama guide at the end of the book. That’s right, A FREAKING KDRAMA GUIDE! Is it bad that I have watched at least half of the dramas that have been listed, and the rest have now been added to my to-watch list?!

Ugh, I just loved this book so much, I don’t think my words is enough to explain how this book has become one of my top 5 reads of 2017. For fans of cute contemporaries, determined female leads and a bit of TV help, this book is the perfect selection for you!


PS: Yes, I just had to include my BTS shirt in the picture with the book. What is a KDrama without a little bit of K-Pop in the mix.


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