What Makes You Canadian |Tag

So I found this super cute tag as I was scrolling through Google. Originally, it was a part of a Youtube video, but I cannot remember the person who published it. Anywho, I thought this would be a super cute addition to my blog, just to take a break from everything.

1. What do you order at Tim Hortons?

Personally, I am more of a Starbucks person myself (mostly iced tea and hot chocolate), but when I do go to Timmies, I either get an Apple Cinnamon tea or a hot chocolate with extra milk. If I am not ordering a drink, I get a chocolate glazed or a sprinkle doughnut (yes, I am aware that I am a child). Anything with caffeine in it, such as iced coffee, ice caps or just plain coffee do not appeal to me whatsoever.
2. What is the most annoying Canadian stereotype?
Being asked if we have snow year-round. I live in the most southern point of Ontario, so I do experience all the season, it’s just colder in the winter compared to most places.
3.How many provinces and territories have you travelled to?
Being as I live in Canada, I have not had the opportunity to travel outside of Ontario.
4. Have you ever seen an igloo?
No, but I have made a small replica at a Girl Guide camp a couple years back.
5.How many/What words do people think you say differently?
I don’t believe I say many words different as I travel to the USA often. In the more southern states, I know that everything is soda, and the washrooms are referred to as ‘restrooms’ (which is just odd in itself).
6. Favourite YTV show?
I don’t really watch YTV, mostly because we never had the channel, but when I went over to people house, I enjoyed watching The Thundermans or Fairly Odd Parents.
7. What is one thing you wish you could buy in Canada, but can’t?
Jo Ann’s fabric and yarn. The prices are so low, that it is worth it to pay the extra in exchange, but I hate having to travel over the border to get it.
8. Have you seen deer, moose or other wildlife?

No, not once. I have seen some hawks, but many animals of that size do not live where I do (unless you count deer because there is an abundance of those).

9.What is your favourite winter product?
Salted caramel hot chocolate. I know, basic white girl here, but it has just enough flavour to provide the perfect enjoyment that is hot chocolate. Also, my Hufflepuff scarf and hat, because like I said previously, it is cold here in the winter months.
10.Who is your favourite Canadian celebrity?
Does Marianas Trench count? In my book they do.
11. Why are you proud to be Canadian?
I love being from a country that is naturally beautiful. I can choose to do anything, and there will always be opportunities that are available for me to do when I am done with schooling.
P.S. Do you see the picture I used for the header? I thought that by typing in “Canada Tumblr” (like I do with all of my photos), I would come across a cute picture. Nope. I spent a good 2 hours reading through Tumblr memes of Canada. Good way to waste a day if I do say so myself.

3 thoughts on “What Makes You Canadian |Tag

  1. Chrystal says:

    I love this tag. I’m going to try doing it later this week or next. We both live in Ontario but have much different experiences. I’ve seen my fair share of wild animals, but I’ve lived in quite a few places in Ontario. Almost hit a moose once and see deer often. Coyotes are always in my backyard as are turkeys!

    This looks fun. Also, did you make the header for the tag? Can I use it with credit? It’s beautiful!


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