The Perfect Tear | Book Review

Author: Connie Lansberg

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Received From: The Author


Eleanor is a singer. Her songs keep nature in balance, but when they are stolen from her, a gray mist descends and her world fails to thrive. This timid orphan is thrust into a course of action she never asked for, nor envisioned. Set against a backdrop of abandonment, loss, and betrayal, she must find her way through strange and dangerous landscapes in her desperate search for the Perfect Tear, a dark crystal which holds the future of her world. But, Eleanor is no savior. She is a simple girl with strong instincts and she must learn to trust them. Just like the notes of the song must connect to create a melody, Eleanor must discover the connections needed to create the harmony required to truly save her world.


Thank you so much to the author herself, Connie Lansberg, for sending me a copy of her novel in exchange for my honest review.

What a thoroughly enjoyable Young Adult novel. It is a fantasy complete with magical powers and ruled by people of I think not this world. It even has a Prince who falls for a peasant girl, which is quite rare in novels written today.

I loved all of the characters in this book because they all felt like real people who I could know and be friends with. As well, I enjoyed how the author included characters of a different race, language, and origin. She even included a character with a speech disability, which made him a quiet yet a great person who brought a lot to the story.

This novel is the perfect mix of what everyone likes in a story and of what no one would expect. The heroin’s quest through raging seas, barren deserts, and deep woods challenges her love for her friends, her family, and her soul mate. I enjoyed author’s writing throughout the story. She made all of the different settings very easy to imagine, and I felt like I was a ghost in the story following Eleanor and other characters on their adventures.

The author has a solid knowledge of music and human genetics and she has woven her knowledge and ideas into an overwhelmingly beautiful story about life.

This is a true fairy tale with an ending that will have a moral–it takes everyone joining together to save the world. I highly recommend everyone to invest in this book. It is truly amazing!

-Read On Darlings!


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