The Good, The Bad and The Unfinished (School Reads) | Part 1

So I am very sure that throughout everyones lives, we have all been forced to read books for either projects, ISU’s or just because the teacher thought it would be ‘beneficial to your education’ (Of corse, most of the times they were wrong).

Since school has let out and I am now on my way to university, I thought that the perfect topic to bring up was the best and worst books that I was forced to read in my past education. I even thought of this super cute name for it, although I have been sitting with this topic in my draft for about 2 weeks now, and have just decided to come up with a name for it today. Whoops.

For as long as I have been able to read, I have always had a book in my hands. With this being said, I have always chosen to pick my own book, not have one thrown at me by a teacher. Let’s just say that the education system has to have a look at their reading list and should update it to more recent novels that more kids should know. This list is consistent with what I was forced to read throughout my schooling, up until I graduated in grade 12, although my siblings have read different books. Of corse, these are just the books that I remember reading as they had an impact on myself, and if I had missed any, than they did not leave a big impact o  my life. I decided that this is going to be a 3 part series, as I did not realize how long I was going to make this, so this is the first out of 3 parts. If you had any favourites that you read in school, feel free to comment down below. I love finding new books to read.

The Good

1. To Kill A Mockingbird

I feel that this book is a major recommendation and classic by any book lover. Everyone I know, including my parents, have been forced into reading this novel at some point in their  lives. The story that it depicts is relevant in today’s society, with judging people on how they look and appear in society. If you glance at the news today, you can see that not much has changed in the ways that we live our life, compared to how Harper Lee has set up her novel. I did enjoy this book, and it was one of the better high school reads that I had to do projects on. I plan on reading the second book at some point, but as of right now, my TBR pile is exploding out of my room.

2. Bunnicula

Not many know the story of Bunnicula, so here is a short blurb of the story via Goodreads.   BEWARE THE HARE!
Is he or isn’t he a vampire?

Before it’s too late, Harold the dog and Chester the cat must find out the truth about the newest pet in the Monroe household — a suspicious-looking bunny with unusual habits…and fangs!

I think I read this book back in grade 5, when twilight was not a big thing, so vampires were fairly new to me. The thing that caught my attention was the fact that a pet could be a vampire. After reading this, I thought that other animals could be vampires, and we just didn’t know about it yet. This only last a short amount of time as I grew tired of trying to figure out who was a vampire, and who was just a normal house pet. It is a super cute read for younger kids, filled with mystery and comedy as the story is told through the point of view of the dog and cat, and how their actions reflects how they try and figure out of Monroe is truly a vampire.

3. The Breadwinner Series

In grade 6, we were learning about children in other countries, and so of corse we had to read a book about living in a different country. My teacher chose for us to read The Breadwinner, the absolutely amazing story of Parvana and how she lived her life day to day in fear, always watching after her family. The assignment was only for us to read the first book, but since I had enjoyed the first one so much, my parents invested in buying me the complete series. This series has left an impact on my life, as living were I do, I do not know what it is like for a child in a different country to live the same way. After reading this novel, we ended up getting pen pals from children our age that lived in a different country. It was fun at the time, but looking back at it now, I can see how my life has changed after reading this book.

4. The Chrysalids

When I was introduced to this book, I as told it was like X-Men in a novel. NOW SIGN ME UP FOR THIS! Genetic mutations reflecting how one must live? This sounded like the perfect novel. Although it did start off a bit slow (I remember this, as I was debating on whether or not to finish it because I did not enjoy the beginning), I was glad that I made it to the end of the novel. Banishing those who are different from us is more prevalent in todays society, with not only genetic mutations, but also race, religion and disabilities. This book reveals what it is like to be different, and how we are all the image of out God, not just what one leader thinks is the image of God. I highly recommend people to read this book if you have not had the chance to.

5. The Help

Grade 11 English we were given a choice, you can read either Divergent, The Book Thief or The Help. I remember seeing The Help when it had first come out in theatres with my mother, and thou I had not read it at the time, I absolutely loved the movie. Since I knew that my mother had read this book, I decided that this would be the best option, and boy was I not wrong. This book is filled with humour, sass and some very powerful women. For anyone who has read this book, you will understand what I am talking about. My favourite part out of the whole story is the sh!t pie towards the end, it just cracks me up every time. I ended up doing my report on feminist movements relating to civil rights movements, compared from back then to today (of corse, I did amazing on it). This should be a mandatory read for kids in high school, not some of the other stupid books that we are forced to read.

6. Lord of the Flies

The first this that drew me to this book was the cover. I mean, a gory pig on the cover, this book has to be good. Boys lost on a deserted island, this could be related to an episode of Survivor with kids. They all must survive until they are rescued, but with no food, water or shelter, the boys start to develop island sickness. Delusions cause death, and many of them end up going nuts being left on this island. I don’t know what drew me to love the storyline of this, but anything related to mystery and things of that nature have always hit a soft spot in my heart. Of corse, this book is not for the faint of heart, as the pig’s head on the cover does come back, and not in the best of ways.

7. The Outsiders

This is my all-time favourite book that I read in school, hands down. I actually own 2 copies of this book, planning on getting a third since my one copy is falling apart as to how many time that I had read it. The characters are flawless, Ponyboy, Dallas, Sodapop and more, they are all amazing. S.E. Hinton is perfect when it comes to writing the troubles that people face when they are judged based on where they grew up and what they wear. The West side of the streets were rough, but the Outsiders were rougher. Is still get chills just thinking about the first time that I had read this book, that is how much of an impact that it had left on me. For the longest time, my favourite quote was ‘Stay Gold Ponyboy’, and it is still one of my top 5 quotes to this day. At some point in everyone’s life, they should stop what they are doing and read this. It will change you, like many novels do. It will have you rooting for the bay, and booing the good, and will even bring you to a full on sobbing mess towards the end.

Stay tuned next week for the second part of this series, The Bad.

-Read On Darlings!


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