We’re All Mad Here (ARC Novel) | Book Review

Author: Callie Newman

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Molly Cooper is an average American college student living with her vivacious best friend, Breanna, and sipping coffee every weekday morning with the eccentric Marty. But when she finds out she is a paranoid schizophrenic, her life changes forever. As if this isn’t difficult enough, shortly following her diagnosis of mental illness comes a heart disease in the form of Clay Turner. Love strikes Molly hard but how can she keep a relationship when she can’t tell what’s real and what’s fantasy? This thrilling and heartfelt tale follows Molly as she tries to take on friendship, love, and self-discovery without driving herself crazy. Well…crazier.


Thank you so much to the author herself, Callie Newman, for sending me a copy of her novel in exchange for my honest review.

I just finished We’re All Mad Here and oh my goodness, my heart! Callie Newman sure does know how to write an emotional and beautiful book.  The romance in this book was amazing and so captivating. Im not a big romance person, but this book was beautifully written, and the words flowed from the character’s mouths straight to my heart. It developed beautifully throughout the story and made you forget that Molly was schizophrenic.

The overall story was amazing and so heartbreakingly real. I loved how Callie Newman portrayed mental illness as it really is. Most novels that revolve around a mental illness often times de-sensitize them and play them off as just normal everyday things, but this novel speaks the truth about these types of illnesses. I have read so many books where authors try to portray mental illness as a “trend” and that its “cool” to have a mental illness. That’s why I ended up giving those book no more than 2 stars.

I loved Molly’s character. She was so amazing and so strong. She reminded me of myself in many ways, that is why I grew to love her as a character. I also loved Breanna’s character. She was such an awesome, funny, and supportive friend towards Molly. She reminded me a lot of my best friend. The character depicted became someone I knew because the author did such an amazing job creating a person the reader can connect to.

I loved the overall messages throughout this story. But I definitely loved what Molly said towards that end. “This is my reality today, and it’s a good one. This is who I am today. I am not my disease, and I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become from this day forward. I’ve lost my love, and I’ve lost my mind; oh, but I’ve found myself. Call me crazy.” This book has a captivating view on heavy subjects like college, love, family, and mental illness. I think my favorite part had to be is that it broke the stigma on what schizophrenia is.

Thank you, Callie Newman, for pouring all of your heart and soul into this book. It was truly a remarkable story. I highly recommend this book anyone that is in need of a true to life novel.

-Read On Darlings!


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