Wax (ARC Novel) |Book Review

Author: Gina Damico

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars


Paraffin, Vermont, is known the world over as home to the Grosholtz Candle Factory. But behind the sunny retail space bursting with overwhelming scents and homemade fudge, seventeen-year-old Poppy Palladino discovers something dark and unsettling: a back room filled with dozens of startlingly life-like wax sculptures, crafted by one very strange old lady. Poppy hightails it home, only to be shocked when one of the figures—a teenage boy who doesn’t seem to know what he is—jumps naked and screaming out of the trunk of her car. She tries to return him to the candle factory, but before she can, a fire destroys the mysterious workshop—and the old woman is nowhere to be seen.

With the help of the wax boy, who answers to the name Dud, Poppy resolves to find out who was behind the fire. But in the course of her investigation, she discovers that things in Paraffin aren’t always as they seem, that the Grosholtz Candle Factory isn’t as pure as its reputation—and that some of the townspeople she’s known her entire life may not be as human as they once were. In fact, they’re starting to look a little . . . waxy. Can Poppy and Dud extinguish the evil that’s taking hold of their town before it’s too late?


Thank you so much to Raincoast Publishing for sending me this novel in exchange for my personal and honest review.

The first thing that I thought of when I first read this synopsis was the episode of Gravity Falls where the wax figures are created and Stan thinks that there out to kill him, or it’s something along those lines I believe.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Anyways, to the review.

This book is highly recommended for readers of smart, dark humour.

Fans of Hellhole and the Croak book will absolutely fall head over heels for Gina’s new book, WAX.Gina Damico mixes teen angst with totally bizarre situations, stirs thoroughly, then sits back to enjoy the fun, and fun it is. I have never read a book in which wax figures start to come to life and begin replacing townspeople.

WAX takes place in Parrafin, Vermont, which is the tourist trap/company town of the Grossholtz Candle Factory.  While Parrafin is mostly known for its candles, it is also home to Poppy Palladino, who became an unwelcome viral sensation after an unfortunate performance on national television. Things take a serious turn, however, when Poppy discovers the townsfolk a slowly being replaced with living wax duplicates. Murder, mayhem, and a cute wax guy all play a part. The ending was a crazy thrill ride and the very last part was quite touching. It was fast-paced, unique, and funny as hell.
Without giving away too much, I highly recommend this book to join your TBR pile. It is a perfect summer read when you need a few strange antics and humour to brighten you day.
-Read On Darlings!

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