Diary Entry #3 | Maker Faire

Greeting fellow inventors and tinkers, this is the place for you! I spent a solid 9 HOURS walking around The Henry Ford Museum to celebrate the amazing Maker Faire. Full of amazing crafters, inventors and everything inbetween, it is a blast for all ages. I ended up with a nice tan(not a sunburn, which is a bonus!). There was so much to do and see, I decided to post some of my favourite things and events from earlier today.

1. Attack of the Star Wars


This was super cool, especially for the nerds. Characters dressed up as everyone from Star Wars and there was even a guy dressed up as the Fourth Doctor! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of him, but I loved his outfits, props to him!

2. The Adroable Mix of Craft Vendors


There was so many vendors that made  a variety of crafts. From soft cool critter to nerdy magnets and cards, there was something there for everyone. I personally purchased some Sherlock, Disney and justice league magnets and I plan to purchase a pencil case from them as well. It was a beautiful day, perfect for shopping!

My all time favourite event from the Maker Faire was…

3. The Stunning Cirque Mechanic


This performance was amazing! Even thou it was just a sample of what they perform, I would defiantly go and see them in a show. The tricks and acrobatics that were done were 10/10. It was a mix of steam punk and cirque, which was super cool.

Overall, the Faire was amazing and I can’t wait to go back to it next year!


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