Diary Entry #2 | Shower Poetry


Why is it whenever you get into the shower, you get the best ideas, the ones that you would have never gotten if you had not gotten into the shower. According to science, your brain releases dopamine, you are relaxed and your brain is distracted, which can help make more creative ideas flow.

Anyways, later this summer we are having a local fair and they happen to be having a poetry contest. Me being me, wanted to challenge myself, so I decided to sign up for it, even though I have not written poetry since grade 5 when we used to do those basic word ones. The theme I picked was “I remember…”. It could be about just about anything, yet I had no ideas in my head, so I decided to take a shower instead and come back to it.

While in the shower jamming out to Don’t Stop Believing, it hit me! I had the perfect poem and I had to write it down ASAP before I forgot it. I dashed out of the shower and began recording myself on my iPod, so I could not forget what I had though of. So down below is the poem that I wrote. Please feel free to comment and give constructive feedback. As I stated before, I have not written poetry In quite a long time, so any feedback is nice.

I Remember…

I remember a time,

when laughter

filled the silence in the air.

When smiles radiated

brighter than the sun.

And children’s eyes

gleamed of hope and enlightenment,

while their words

were full of kindness,

not hate.

I remember the past,

but we live in the present.

Where social media controls the world.

Where bullies hide behind a computer screen,

attacking those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

When ‘hanging out’

turns into texting the person across the room.

And where people care more about their blogs

than making friends in real life.

We are the next generation.

Every step we take leads us closer to the future,

yet further from the past.

I remember the simple life.

So lets stop,

take a breath

and remember the past.

By: Carly


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