Diary Entry #1 | Mascot Mishap

mascot mishap

So don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my job. But sometimes it really pushes my boundaries, ie. dressing up as a giant flower mascot. (no this is not my costume, but you feel my pain). I took the job as I live close by and its good pay, I did not take the job to dress up like a giant flower and be guided around all night. BUT I WAS NOT ALONE! There was another girl as well who had never done this before. So we were on our own trying to figure out how to put these costumes on.

Not to mention that this was a banquet, loaded with tables, chairs and breakable glass. If you have never had to do this before, you never really want to. It is impossible to see anything and you are tripping over these giant shoes (which in this case got to be gigantic crocs).Also the head is HUGE and it doesn’t even fit properly on your head so you are adjusting it all night. Not to mention all the pieces that have to go with it like the gloves, pants and shirt, which btw don’t fit you either.  Luckily I was guided around the tables or there would have been a lot more broken glass. Although I did happen to trip over a chair or two, which lead to more people helping me out.

Through the night of high fives, plenty of thumbs up and many pictures I survived, but not without the cost of my hair. Did I mention you get terrible helmet head?! Everyone loved us, but my friend and I could not wait to get out of there fast enough. Just another thing to cross off my bucket list of things I never want to do ever again!



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